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What is Sensitive Dance

Sensitive Dance® is a somatic practice which aims to increase self-awareness, awareness of one’s body, perceptions and emotions through conscious movement.
SD trains body and mind to listen deeply to the body’s messages. It further proposes visiting some key stages of evolution through a phylogenetic journey, consciously reliving various stages in the process of verticalization of the human being, so as to rediscover the meaning and potential contained in the form and structure of our bodies.
It offers us the possibility to learn from the unexpected replies that emerge spontaneously from the body, to welcome them, and to re update them in our relationship with the present moment, understanding them and transforming them into new possibilities for expression through the experience of movement.
The dynamic development of SD departs from sensitive listening to dance in our internal and external spaces and live one’s dance of the present moment which is the fruit of  the dynamic dialogue between sensation, internal movement and their manifest expression which generates a new language.
The breath, the gaze, sensitive listening and the touch are some of the SD practices that allow the welcoming of that which springs from the density of the body and the depths of the being, bringing a presence made of truth to light, which becomes poetry, joy and dance.

Sensitive Dance is a teaching aimed at a wide public; it is dedicated both to people who are looking for awareness and wellbeing through the practice of movement and to those who are already experiencing the adventure of movement and somatic practices, professionals in somatic practices and group leaders who wish to widen their skillset, therapists, pedagogists who use body techniques and performance artists.

SD teaching takes place in various forms:
- Biannual training courses for performance artists
- Three year training courses for leaders of somatic groups.

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