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In nature

Sensitive Dance is supported by the relationship between man and nature, and in the balance of this meeting the structures of SD assume their full regenerating meaning.

This year we propose three seminars in nature:

FOREST  2023 - not scheduled
We enter the forest , letting the magic of the trees and the light permeate little by little. We move in a silent contemplative walk  through the different parts of the forest where we will deposit our bodies in contact with the humus, roots, trees and the filtered light of the forest. We listen to these great vertical beings, our tree friends and in opening all our senses dances are born, fruits of the presence of the forest and its echo
OLIVES 30 July - 6 August 2023
Enter into the marvellous presence of the olives. Delicately place your foot and then all your body on the ancestral earth of an olive grove. Slowly let go until you feel the pulse of life within you. Become a root, grow and in the presence of the olive tree guide complete the initiatory cycle from roots to fruits, an invitation to undertake and realise the movement of our lives. In the songs of summer a dance is born , an experience of opening and of light. In 6 days we will undertake a silent path, given a rhythm by the alternance of movement of our bodies with our emotions, accompanied by the singing of cicadas and birds, by the breath of the wind in the leaves, by the perfume of the ploughed earth and by the strength of the olives standing vertically. In the presence of the olive tree guide, in a space outside of time we will welcome the fruit of our dances.
SEA beginners 6-14 July 2023
[exceptionally, in the summer of 2023 the seminar will be 8 actual days and swim trekking is also planned, with a visit to the sea caves]
This seminar takes place on a magnificent volcanic beach accessible only by sea, by boat (first seminar) or swimming (second seminar). It is a place that lends itself to rediscover the marine world of our origins and our first steps on land, which took place in one of these primordial beaches. Nourished by the sea wind, by the movement of the waves and the light of the sun  we will explore the secret paths that have brought us, over millions of years  from floating cells to vertical beings.
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