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What is Sensitive Dance

Sensitive Dance® is a practice of conscious movement which aims to increase self awareness, awareness of one’s body, sensations and emotions.

This practice trains body and mind to listen deeply to the body’s messages.

It further proposes visiting some key stages of evolution, consciously reliving the process of verticalisation of the human being, so as to rediscover the meaning and potential contained in the form and structure of our bodies.

It offers us the possibility to learn from the unexpected replies that emerge spontaneously from the body, to re update them in our relation with the present moment opening new possibilities of movement.

The proposal is departing from sensitive listening to dance in our internal and external spaces and live one’s dance of the present moment which is the fruit of  the dynamic dialogue between sensation, internal movement and their expression in dance.  

download here the project of the Sixth Cycle of Advanced Sensitive Dance training

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